Data Overview

There are several systems in place to make access to the data easier for students and scientists who want to analyse data gathered at the Agincourt HDSS site.

  1. Agincourt 1 in 10 database

This is an annually updated 10% sample of locations from the full Agincourt database and all observed data at those locations. It represents 10% of the core AHDSS. It can be used as a preparatory evaluation tool for developing data requests to Agincourt, as a way to familiarize researchers with the structure of data within the Agincourt database, and as a teaching tool for demographic methods and for the management of HDSS data. These data can be freely downloaded from the Agincourt data website where a data dictionary and various tutorial materials to support the use of the 1-in-10 database are also available. Click here to download the database.

2. Public Domain Datasets: The INDEPTH-WHO SAGE database is publicly accessible and access to the data is possible from the Global Health Action website  and  the WHO SAGE website.

3. The INDEPTH iShare Data Sharing network:

The goal of this project is to create a repository for the central data collected from various sites within the INDEPTH network. Agincourt is an iShare member and among first locations to take part in the current stage of the iShare2 initiative. The purpose of iShare is to build a repository of thoroughly documented data sets of the site’s primary demographic information, which is accessible for download through the iShare2 repository. Before being submitted to the repository, the datasets go through stringent data cleaning and quality assurance procedures and translated to a shared standard event history format. Additionally, the provides locations, skills and tools needed to catalogue other data sets from their sites that they wish to place in the public domain.

4. INDEPTH minimum data set

Each year Agincourt HDSS submits a summary of the basic demographic measures to INDEPTH for inclusion in the comparative INDEPTH data set. This is made available for public access via the INDEPTH site. This data is processed directly from the Quality assured data submitted to the iShare repository.

5. Customized Data Extractions and Access to data from cohorts and nested sub-studies

Any analysts wishing to access customized data sets or other data should download and complete the data use agreement and data request forms and email these to the Agincourt data manager.  The requests will be reviewed by the appropriate Agincourt theme leaders.  In some cases there will be financial costs associated with data extractions to reflect the effort required by the Agincourt data section to prepare the data set. You can click here to download the full Agincourt data dictionary.

For more details about the different levels of data available from Agincourt and the associated access conditions see data access level