The MRC/Wits Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Research Unit (Agincourt) has been operating the Agincourt health and demographic surveillance system since 1992, and work has evolved since then into a robust research infrastructure supporting advanced community-based research with studies ranging from the biomedical to the ethnographic, making rural voices heard.


Recently conferred PhDs based on work in the MRC/Wits-Agincourt Unit

Qualification: Masters, 2019
Title:  Usage of central nervous system medication in HIV/AIDS patients: Longitudinal analysis (2005-2015) of prevalence and prescribing pattern changes.


Floidy Wafawanaka

Qualification: PhD, 2018
Title:  A realist evaluation of a clinic based Lay Health Worker Intervention to improve the management of

hypertension in Rural South Africa

Felix Limbani

Qualification: PhD, 2019
Title: The Public engagement throughout the research process in a health and socio-demographic surveillance system

study area in rural South Africa

Rhian Twine