Floidy Wafawanaka gets his Masters – halala

Well done to our Projects Operations Officer, Floidy, who got his Masters at North West University. The title of the study is “Usage of central nervous system medication in HIV/AIDS patients: Longitudinal analysis (2005-2015) of prevalence and prescribing pattern changes.”

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Annual Community Feedback of results

The Public Engagement Office aims to meet with every village every year to feedback village specific data from the annual updates, as well as results from specific research projects.  During June and July, 14 villages were visited.  A fact sheet such as the one attached is given to each village

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HAALSi meeting in Harvard – many MRC/Wits-Agincourt Unit staff were there

Member of our data and scientific teams were at a workshop at Harvard in the first week of June taking our understanding of ageing in Africa forward – click this link to read more

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MRC/Wits Agincourt Unit’s Researchers Awarded by the NRF

Dr Ryan Wagner and Dr Sumaya Mall received Y2 ratings from the NRF. This means that leading national and international scientists agree that they have the potential to establish themselves as independent researchers based on reviewing their performance and the quality of their research. The Y category considers researchers that

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Action from the Tsima project

Tsima Community Mobilizers and volunteer Community Action Team members held a “Fun Day” in MP Stream in February 2018 where they provided car washes and conducted HIV testing and education for community members. The Tsima projected ended in July 2018 and we await the outcome of the trial, which was looking

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