1-in-10 AHDSS Sample Database

This database is a 10% sample of the full Agincourt database i.e. 10% of all “locations” in the demographic surveillance area. The current version available is extracted from cleaned database snapshot produced at the end of the 2011 AHDSS census round. This can be used as an evaluation tool for developing data requests and for familiarising the would-be analyst with the structure and availability of data in the Agincourt database. It also can be used as a teaching tool for demographic methods and the management of the  demographic surveillance system data. It does not contain data that can be analysed for publication. Complete the form below to obtain the dataset and accompanying documentation.

1-in-10 Dictionary – Simple data dictionary for the 1-in-10 dataset

1-in-10 Dataset – Dowload the 1in10 dataset

1-in-10 Presentation – Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on the structure of the 1-in-10 dataset

1-in-10 Basic Rates Tutorial – Explains how to calculate of basic rates in Microsoft Access using the 1-in-10 dataset

1-in-10 ODBC Tutorial – Explains how to connect the 1-in-10 dataset to STATA using an Open Data Base Connection

Video Tutorial: Practical Guide for Preparing Health & Demographic Surveillance System Data for Analysis using Stata

Click here to download the 1in10 database