Peer reviewed papers

Please do explore our publications page.  We have arranged publications by topic for ease of reference and there are elucidating findings in each paper.

Examples of  fascinating Agincourt HDSS demographic data

Rural South Africa is in the midst of multiple interrelated transitions that have led to marked changes in population structure over two decades, reflected in the animated population pyramid below.


The demographic changes shown in the animated population pyramid are driven by demographic changes, such as the changes in both cause and rage of mortality and change in fertility rates over the years, shown below.


Other trends and transitions such as the changes in socio econmic status illustrated in the graph below, indicate a society in rapid transition.  These transitions, and the reasons for such, drive the MRC/Wits-Agincourt Unit research agenda.

Village level demographic data

At the end of the Pubic Engagement page, you will find the most recent village fact sheets containing village level population pyramids, crude birth rates, age specific birth rates, death rates and migration patterns.  Here is an example for Justicia A village.  These fact sheets  are customised for each village annually.

Specific research study fact sheets

Many studies produce fact sheets specific to their findings.  For example, a fact sheet was developed to present work relating to HIV in older persons, and was presented at the Bushbuckridge Local Municipal Local AIDS Council Indaba in October 2020.