Admin working hard and smart on preparing our offices for starting telephonic interviews during COVID-19 pandemic

Work started with developing MRC/Wits-Agincourt Unit specific SOPs on workplace preparation, in close consultation with Dr Jacques du Toit, newly appointed COVID-19 Response Advisor: R&D. These guidelines impressed Prof David Rees, who said that they, together with the British Occupational Hygiene Society May 2020 guideline and the HR planning tool COVID-19 (Wits) would be a good start and cover most aspects of preparation for return to work at the School of Public Health buildings in Johannesburg. The physical prep started in earnest, with a few examples included in this paragraph. A hand sanitization system whereby employees just step on a pedal and the sanitizer is directly sprayed on the hand/s from a 1 litre bottle was introduced. This is a convenient and smart way of sanitization, and 2 of these have been paced at our Agincourt main office while one is at the Acornhoek office. At the same time the security guards continue to hand sanitise all employees as they enter the premises. Employees being picked up by the minibuses are hand sanitized as they enter the vehicle. All employees entering the premises are having their body temperature taken and recorded. So far, all our employees have recorded normal body temperatures. Notices to employees to clean their workstations have been placed in every office and workstation, and number of staff in each office is limited – admin removed chairs so that people can’t form crowds in offices! To encourage hand cleaning, which we all know is the most effective way to prevent the spread of coronavirus, a tippy tap has been put up at the main gate of our Agincourt office (you can see Agnes Themba from SAPRIN using one in the picture), and plans are afoot to rapidly install handwashing sinks, and more tippy taps at other locations in our offices.

Hand Sanitazation.

Workstations -Cleaning.

Amukelani Nkuna