Week long event on ‘Health and Ageing in Southern Africa: Addressing Inequities over the Life Course’

For a week in the middle of October 2019, researchers from Harvard and Wits, along with many other interested parties, worked head to head, discussing the past and future of the Health and Ageing in Africa: Longitudinal study of an INDEPTH Community in Africa (HAALSI) study.  The themes are addressed in these five focal articles that appeared in The Conversation
What affects people’s brain function as they grow older? We sought answers in rural South Africa – theconversation.com

Taking the long view on health: tracking the impact of ageing in rural South Africa – theconversation.com

Quarter century study on ageing in South Africa offers new perspectives – theconversation.com

South African study shows how unhealthy ageing takes its toll on health and income – theconversation.com

Who takes care of the elderly? Findings from rural South Africa – theconversation.com

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