Practical guide for preparing HDSS

Practical guide for preparing HDSS data for Analysis: A video tutorial by Afolabi

Practical Guide for Preparing HDSS Data for Analysis

Sulaimon Afolabi has published a youtube video tutorial titled, “Practical Guide for Preparing
Health & Demographic Surveillance System Data for Analysis using Stata”. . This is done with him having the the following study objectives in mind. That is, for the would-be user of Health & Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) data:

  • To have a basic understanding of health & demographic surveillance system;
  • To learn relevant commands in stata;
  • To convert HDSS data from wide to long format;
  • To combine or merge two or more tables coming from the HDSS database;
  • To check the dataset for inconsistencies;
  • To build data quality matrix;
  • To prepare the HDSS data for event history and other kind of analyses and
  • To Perform event history analyses.

You can either click on the embedded youtube video or here. I hope you will find it useful.