Daniel Ohene-Kwofie joins the unit

Daniel Ohene-Kwofie joins the unit as Data Scientist


A few words from Daniel: “Hi there. I joined the Unit from December 2015 as a Data Scientist and it’s been exciting working with the team here.  I have an MSc  in Computer Science from Wits University and  I am currently working on my PhD in Information Engineering focussing on efficient ‘Bigdata’ management and processing for large scale scientific computing. My interests vary greatly and have had professional experience from several different industries – Internet Service,  Telecommunications, Software development, etc. . Efficient data management has however been the core of all these industries, and particularly as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), I have a great passion  for data/information security. Having been trained as a Computer Engineer (BSc Hons.) , IT automation and computer  based problem solving excites me greatly.

My time here with the Unit promises to be even more exciting as I look forward to collaborating , engaging and exploring solutions to some interesting projects.”