Verbal Autopsy featured

Verbal Autopsy featured on The Conversation Africa

Posted on October 10, 2015 by in News

Dr. Lucia D’Ambruoso, a lecturer in Global Health at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, recently published a piece regarding Verbal Autopsies on The Conversation Africa website, a science journalism website where academics have an opportunity to create articles about their work.

D’Ambruoso has done much of her research on causes of death in the African continent, and is currently conducting research within Agincourt in order to help determine the social factors that also contribute to deaths within the region.

Her Conversation Africa piece, in part, reads:

“This work is action oriented. It aims to connect communities, researchers and health authorities and is a response to the lack of meaningful connections between research and policy observed in South Africa and elsewhere.
For researchers the significance of registering all individuals in a population is that the researcher will be able to move towards a more people-centred methodology for their health systems research.”

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