Prof. Tollman presents in Cambridge

Prof. Tollman presents in Cambridge

Posted on October 7, 2015 by in News


The MRC/Wits Agincourt Research Unit’s co-director, Prof. Stephen Tollman, last Thursday presented some of the Unit’s work at a meeting hosted by the Wellcome Trust in Cambridge, UK.

The meeting was an opportunity for researchers to share their work and receive contributions and feedback from their peers, and took place on the Wellcome Trust’s Genome Campus in Cambridge.

The subject of Prof. Tollman’s talk was was entitled ‘Ageing in Africa: building evidence to enhance health, wellbeing and function’ and was heavily reliant on ‘Health and Ageing in Africa: Longitudinal Studies of INDEPTH Communities (HAALSI) research currently being conducted at the Agincourt Site in rural Mpumalanga.