Community Mobilisers

Community Mobilisers are ready to help fight the spread of HIV!

Posted on August 17, 2015 by in News


The Community Mobilisers will be working in 8 Agincourt villages as part of the planned Tsima intervention

Training was completed a few Fridays ago by Community Mobilisers (CMs) who will spend the next three years working with local communities to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS, as part of the Tsima TasP (Treatment as Prevention) project.

The Tsima (‘working together’) intervention is in collaboration between the Sonke Gender Justice NGO, and is expected to run for three years.

There are 15 local villages involved in the intervention: eight of which will have the CMs present and encouraging people to know their HIV status, and seven without CMs to be used as the control study. Tsima is aimed at influencing the beliefs and practices of the community as a whole, as opposed to at an individual level.

It is hoped that by encouraging communities to know their status and get treatment (such as ARVs) earlier if found positive, the spread of HIV will slow.