Mama Vi Farewell

A fond farewell to Mama Vi

Posted on July 14, 2015 by in News

Agincourt Unit for over 20 years, our Finance Clerk, Violet Chela, has decided to retire in order to spend time with her family and on other projects.

Affectionately know to all as ‘Mama Vi’, Chela first came to work for Agincourt in 1994 and became Line Manager in 2009. Over the years a tradition was developed where she would be the one to open the annual census research with a prayer.

In her parting speech, Chela talked about what she planned for the future. “It’s time for me to take a further step,” she told her colleagues. “I’m going to go home and relax for the first 2 months, before starting on something new as a ward councilor and Pastor [in my own community].”

Dr. Xavier Gómez-Olivé, the site’s research manager, also spoke on behalf of the Agincourt teams and expressed thanks to Chela for her years of hard work.

“We respect our elders not just because they are older,” Gómez-Olivé said “but because they are also wiser. Thank you, Mama Vi, for being part of the Agincourt family.”

Violet is leaving behind big shoes to fill, and since the job has been advertised approximately 500 applications have been received by the unit, although the position has not yet been filled. Her last day of work is 31 July.