Census Extension

Census Extension

Posted on April 23, 2013 by in News

In early 2013 the Agincourt Unit expanded its research site into four villages adjacent to the existing research site. Between February and March, a team of 24 experienced fieldworkers, led by 4 supervisors visited nearly 4400 structures and identified roughly 3066 occupied dwellings in these four villages. The household rosters from these 3066 dwellings were all checked and entered by a dedicated team of quality checkers and data typists.

Prior to commencing fieldwork, the Agincourt community liaison office along with senior members of the fieldwork team met with local leaders and community members to ascertain the village boundaries of Merry Pebble Stream, Kumani, Rolle C and Thulamahashe. Once boundaries were agreed upon, maps were created with each visible structure being given a number. This numbering assisted fieldworkers in ensuring all structures were visited and all occupied dwellings were enumerated.

In order to aid the field team in confirming household locations, stickers were placed on the door of every visited household. These stickers also assisted the fieldworker who was tasked with capturing GPS coordinates of all occupied structured.

No major problems were encountered and the communities of these villages were found to be both friendly and welcoming to the Agincourt team. Re-visits to these village for vital event updates are expected to begin in 2014. It is anticipated that this expansion will allow Agincourt to host larger studies as Agincourt continues to contribute to the understanding of a rapidly transitioning rural South Africa.

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