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Afternoon get together Huntington 2010. A Khosa

End of year CAG braai 2011

Crushing mealies 2010. R Khosa

Old woman carrying firewood 2010. A Khosa

Waiting for water 2011. A Khosa

Census round 16 launch

Community Feedback meeting 2006

Data room in full swing Dec 2012

Field site office Ireagh A Census 2006

Kulani celebration Hokisa 2009

LINC team in census T shirts 2012

Ntshembo DXA truck 2012

Pension day Agincourt 2013

Roads Agincourt field site 2006. L Hunter

Ryan and Nkensani doing EEGs for SEEDS 2009

SASPI fieldwork

Tintswalo hospital

Traditional Muchongolo dancing. E Formby

View into archive room Dec 2012

Watching soccer Lillydale A 2012. A Khosa

Water collection Agincourt field site 2006. L Hunter

Women at a community feedback meeting

Young boy on a bike. A Khosa